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The Role Employment Insurance Benefits Play in Calculating an IRB

Employment Insurance (EI) benefits are explicitly included as a component of gross employment income per the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). Subsection 4(1) defines Gross Employment Income as “salary, wages and other remuneration from employment, including fees and other remuneration for holding office, and any benefits received under the Employment Insurance Act (Canada)…”

So, why the need for a blog post?

EI benefits can be more than just a component of an individual’s pre-accident income, they can also be the basis of their eligibility for an Income Replacement Benefit (IRB).

The Many Roles of EI Benefits

Eligibility is the first question that must be addressed when starting to calculate an IRB. EI benefits are important in determining an insured’s eligibility if they are unemployed at the time of the motor vehicle accident. If an insured is receiving EI benefits at the time of the accident, they qualify for an IRB, as per s. 5(1)1.ii of the SABS. Continue reading

Working Post-Accident – Dealing with a Partial Return to Work Incorrectly can be Costly


It is important that in all situations all income sources are considered to accurately calculate the Income Replacement Benefit (“IRB”) payable –whether from multiple jobs or a partial return to work.  This also includes income sources other than wages, such as employer paid benefits.  The difference in the IRB payable can be significant if everything is not considered.

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