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The key factors which indicate if benefits are deductible from an Income Replacement Benefit

Summary: It appears the driving consideration on whether an amount is deductible is whether or not the payment is for loss of income, specifically an indemnity payment, and not how regularly payments are received by the insured, whether or not they cover the entire period of disability, or the length of the waiting period.

These decisions relate to the SABS-1996 (O. Reg. 403/96). However, other than what is explained in our Other Income Replacement Benefit post, it appears the findings in the decisions discussed below will stand.


In considering whether payments are for loss of income, Arbitrator Rogers in Bhola and Personal (FSCO A06 001473) outlined the following factors:

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How do Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits impact the IRB?


If received, CPP disability benefits are deductible as other income replacement assistance in calculating the IRB payable. But it is important to understand the interplay with other benefits, and other components of CPP disability benefits that shouldn’t be considered.


This discussion must start with qualifying for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits. An insured may qualify to receive CPP disability benefits if they:

  • are under 65 years of age;
  • meet the CPP contribution requirements; and,
  • have a severe and prolonged disability.

That said, the insured must be approved by a Service Canada medical adjudicator, which takes approximately four months, and the decision is based on a number of requirements. This just means there is no certainty when or if benefits will be received.

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