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Overpayment Recovery: Is the Notice Valid?

Overpayment situations can be stressful and complex. Especially where Income Replacement Benefits (IRB) had at one time been terminated and then reinstated, or one or more sources of other income replacement assistance may have been retroactively paid, and possibly at different times.  And of course, the overpayment could just be due to calculation error.

We focus only on the recovery period in this post, which for overpayments is limited to the 12-months prior to a valid notice of overpayment being issued by the insurer.

But what makes the notice valid?  For the answer to this we need to look at s.52 of the SABS and recent decisions.

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Barter and Payment in Kind – What happens when income is paid in goods and services?

What happens when income is paid in goods and services (payment in kind)?  

When it comes to calculating income for SABS purposes, it is not always as straightforward as the wages on a pay statement. Occasionally, income comes in the form of goods and/or services.

How do we translate those goods and services, such as living rent-free in exchange for working as a handyman in an apartment building, into income when determining an Income Replacement Benefit (IRB)?

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