Commercial Property

At ADS (A Different Solution) we specialize in the quantification of losses sustained by commercial businesses, such as business interruption and stock losses, extra expenses, soft cost claims, and employee dishonesty matters.

Our experienced team, working with either insurers or insured persons and businesses, provides quantification for all types of commercial property matters that stem from an insured peril.

ADS delivers clear well-articulated conclusions, in even the most complex situations.  Our concise plain language reports focus on the relevant issues, fully supported with easy to find content in the attached schedules.

Our years of experience provide a solid foundation to assist you in every step of the claim.  From an initial assessment, to key interviews, analysis of financial documents, sales trends, industry statistics, inventory counts, and eventually reporting. Our understanding of the business helps you understand the loss.

Whether Retail, Manufacturing, Agricultural or Professional Service businesses, our team of experts can help expedite the claim process.

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ADS Solutions
ADS Property Specialties
  • Retail, manufacturing, agricultural and professional services
  • Business interruption
  • Extra expense
  • Stock Loss - inventory counts
  • Fidelity and Surety
  • Financial Condition Assessments
  • Soft Costs
  • Critique of Opposing Expert Reports
  • Examination and Trial Preparation
  • Established credibility
  • Experience across industries
  • Timely service - rush capabilities
  • Support & solutions at every step
  • Expert and Online access 24/7
  • Exceptional cost and value
When To Call ADS
  • File assessment
  • Custom document requests
  • Stock counts
  • Prepare industry data & economic trends
  • Expert testimony
  • In-house training